Swing The Bat - A FLCL fanlisting :D

Welcome to Swing the Bat, the fanlisting for the 2000s anime FoolyCooly (FLCL)! Im sure this isnt the first fanlist to exist- but I couldnt find any currently online. Nonetheless, FoolyCooly is extremely important to me, and if youre here, chances are you feel the same way!!

A fanlisting is a worldwide online list of fans of a certain subject matter. In this case, this fanlisting is all about FLCL, but there are plenty more out there. You can browse most fanlistings currently online through The Fanlistings Network

Last updated 4/5/2024
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Current owner: Oscar

Dates are to be read as [DD/MM/YYYY] . Hosted @ goofysillygoober.neocities.org. I have no association with anyone involved in the FLCL Production Commitee, nor do I claim to.